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Consumer Laptops

Consumer Laptops

R8,926.88 Ex Tax: R7,762.50

 Acer® Travelmate P2 Series Notebook: TMP259-M-351W, Diamond Black 15 NCVM IMR, 3-pin 45W AC ..

R4,891.93 Ex Tax: R4,253.85

Acer® Extenza Series Notebook: EX2519-C64T | Intel® Celeron® Processor N3060 | 15.6" HD Acer Com..

R7,404.68 Ex Tax: R6,438.85

Acer® Extenza Series Notebook: EX2540-304N, Intel® Core™ i3-6006U, 15.6" HD Acer CinceCrystal™ L..

R8,859.43 Ex Tax: R7,703.85

Acer® Extenza Series Notebook: EX2540-3343, Midnight Black 15 Plastic Texture, 3-pin 45W AC adap..

R8,727.18 Ex Tax: R7,588.85

Acer® Extenza Series Notebook: EX2540-59M1| Intel® Core™ i5-7200U | 15.6" HD Acer ComfyView LED ..

R14,878.13 Ex Tax: R12,937.50

 Acer® Travelmate P2 Series Notebook:  TMP2510-G2-M-56BS, Shale Black 15 PC+ABS Texture,..

R13,158.88 Ex Tax: R11,442.50

 Acer® Travelmate P2 Series Notebook:  TMP2510-G2-MG-55YH, Shale Black 15 PC+ABS Texture..

R17,655.38 Ex Tax: R15,352.50

 Acer® Travelmate P2 Series Notebook:  TMP2510-G2-MG-8299, Shale Black 15 PC+ABS Texture..

R20,168.13 Ex Tax: R17,537.50

 Acer® Travelmate P2 Series Notebook:  TMP2510-G2-MG-8382, Shale Black 15 PC+ABS Texture..

R15,539.38 Ex Tax: R13,512.50

 Acer® Travelmate P2 Series Notebook: TMP2510-G2-M-50EM, Shale Black 15 PC+ABS Texture, 65W, ..

R12,365.38 Ex Tax: R10,752.50

Acer® Travelmate P2 Series Notebook: TMP2510-G2-M-51NE, Shale Black 15 PC+ABS Texture, 65W, SD car..

R11,968.63 Ex Tax: R10,407.50

 Acer® Travelmate P2 Series Notebook: TMP2510-G2-M-59S6, Shale Black 15 PC+ABS Texture, 65W, ..

R18,184.38 Ex Tax: R15,812.50

 Acer® Travelmate P2 Series Notebook: TMP2510-G2-MG-85C6, Shale Black 15 PC+ABS Texture, 65W,..

R7,801.43 Ex Tax: R6,783.85

Intel® Core™ i3-5005U Processor, 2.0GHz (3M Cache), DRAM DDR3L 4GB, SATA 1TB 5400RPM 2.5' HDD, I..

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